Kezia McAllister

The face behind the brand. Kezia- 11 year Licensed Advanced Medical Aesthetician with a passion for everything skin. I help manage your skin. Treating certain skin conditions, over all skin health and rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, as well as my specialty- Scars.

I have had a passion for skin since I was a little girl. No, I didn't go into my mother's makeup I bag, I used to go straight to her skincare. It's no wonder, I became the person I am today and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I started in the medical aesthetic industry back when things were still a little hush and people were still shy about getting skin treatments done. Back when laser was rough on your arms and shoulders (weight of the machine) when dermaplaning wasn't a thing, and when many more medical grade chemical peels were available in Canada. The interesting part is that the base of every skin modality hasn't changed. The techniques have improved and the companies update their technologies. This means that as a medical aesthetician I am constantly being updated and educated.

I am all about educating my patients not just throwing treatments and skincare at them (that's a little tacky). Instead of bombarding patients with offering so many treatments in one place (which is quite overlapping in many ways) I create niche treatments and skin packages for patients that I have been able to chose and curate over years of working with so many different modalities. I always love how by the end of a consultation my patients seem to drop their jaws so to speak because they love the information they received and now they know better what they are getting into and how the treatment and skincare will genuinely benefit them.

Kezia is available:

Monday 12 - 6 pm

For more information please call (905) 836-5666 or email

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