Week 1

The Plan

Welcome to the Results Program! 

We will discuss the expectations from you as the participant as well as myself as the coach. We will also discuss some helpful kitchen accessories, techniques, and fundamentals to get you started on an effective and sustainable lifestyle change and keep you on your journey of optimal health! If you haven't already done so, you may download the handout below.

Week 2

Big 3 Macronutrients 

Understanding fats, Carbs, and proteins and the role they play

Week 3

Understanding Food Labels

Understanding nutrition facts will allow you to compare products more easily, determine nutrition value, manage special diets and/or increase or decrease particular nutrients.

Week 4

Understanding Carbohydrates

This week we discuss how do you know if you are insulin sensitive or have or carbohydrate tolerance? And, how to increase insulin sensitivity to help you reach your goal!

Week 5

Fiber 101

This week we'll get into how much fiber you actually need and the best types of fiber-rich foods

Week 6

Goal Setting

This week we will discuss S.M.A.R.T. goal setting.

Week 7

Stress and Weight Loss 

This week we will discuss stress as an important factor in health and wellness and some easy ways to incorporate stress management techniques into your daily routine.

Week 8

Sleep and the Weight Loss Connection

A good night's rest is a key component to achieving your weight loss goal. This week, we will look at lifestyle habits and nutrition to support the best night's sleep! 

Week 9

Eating On The Go 

This week we will discuss guidelines for eating in a restaurant and and suggestions for eating on the go!

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