17 Ways to Add Fruit & Vegetables to Your Diet

Fruit and or vegetables should be included in every meal. Sometimes this may feel challenging. To add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, try the following tips:

  • Toss chopped banana into a bowl of whole grain cereal.
  • Blend fresh or frozen berries with your favorite milk to make a fruit smoothie. Add a handful of spinach or kale for an extra boost!
  • dd dried cherries, currants, cranberries and blueberries to homemade muffins.
  • Fill half a cantaloupe with cottage cheese.
  • Add diced tomatoes, red peppers and baby spinach to an omelette.
  • Add sliced tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot, and spinach leaves to whole grain sandwiches and wraps.
  • Toss leftover grilled vegetables into a green salad.
  • Have a bowl of vegetable soup with your sandwich.
  • Use dark green lettuces such as Romaine in salads.
  • Add quick cooking greens such as spinach, kale, rapini or Swiss chard to soups.
  • Fortify pasta sauces and casseroles with grated zucchini and carrots.
  • Bake a sweet potato instead of a white potato - you'll consume more beta-carotene and fiber.
  • Carry fruit with you such as an apple, pear, plums or grapes.
  • Pack single-serve unsweetened applesauce in your briefcase.
  • Prepare snack-size bags of dried apricots and nuts.
  • Have raw vegetables ready for snacking. Try carrot stick, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper strips, broccoli florets and mushroom caps with hummus dip.
  • Eat slices of banana, apple, or pears with almond butter.
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