Do you find yourself postponing dental care because you’re afraid of the dentist? Homeopathy can help. It provides…

Are you afraid of dental care?
Are you fearful of your dental visits?

•Non-invasive approach
•Means of curing underlying problem
•Cost effective treatment
•Quicker recovery period
•Reduced risk of adverse side effects

The homeopathic philosophy believes that no one organ of the body can be ill without affecting the person as a whole. All symptoms, therefore, must be analyzed and taken into account since they all represent the body’s effort to heal itself.

Homeopathy & Dentistry

Homeopathy offers treatment of many acute dental related diseases such as:
• dental abscesses:
• bleeding
• teething
• toothaches
• cankers/ulcers
• dental trauma
• gingivitis/periodontal problems
• apprehension of dental visits
• post operative remedies

Homeopathy also can be very useful for the treatment of chronic dental problems such as:
• TMJ disorders
• periodontal disease
• bruxism
• tooth decay

To learn more about how homeopathy can help you with respect to dentistry or your general health, contact Christine Moran at Harmony House Wellness in Newmarket.

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