An award winning, food focused, hormone balancing, weight management program aimed at optimizing metabolic processes with a natural food-first approach.

Your personalized plan is tailored to using your current health status, biometric data and blood value results.

Metabolic Balance® promotes eating natural, whole, unprocessed foods in a structured time frame, to help reset hunger and satiety cues, balance hormones, improve sleep and promote successful and sustainable long-term weight management.

A dedicated 12-week weight management program with one-to-one support

Metabolic Balance® offers fast results for long term weight management with a 4-phase food plan

Preparation & Detox

Strict Food Phase

Relaxed Food Phase

Maintenance Phase

Metabolic Balance® is ideal for supporting:

metabolic syndrome

blood glucose control

digestive processes

cardiovascular & cholesterol

liver support

hormones & menopause

sleep & fatigue

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