Portal Access

Using the patient portal

We are excited to incorporate patient portal technology for our patients at Harmony House Wellness. 

This technology will give you secure access to confirm appointments, see your scheduled appointments and appointment history, and fill in forms. In the future you will be able to access treatment plans, lab results, prescriptions, and handouts from your practitioner.  

We feel that this will add huge value to our clinic! It will allow you as a patient to feel more involved with your health journey, and more connected to your practitioner’s information and services.


When you receive your appointment confirmation email (please check your inbox and junk mail), you can then set up an account with patient portal. If you scroll to the bottom of your reminder email, there are two buttons. One says “More Info,” which is the instructions on how to set up your patient portal account (or see below). The other says “Sign In / Register,” which will take you to the setup page for your patient portal account. 

If you don’t have your appointment confirmation email handy, you can go to https://www.smartnd.ca and click the Log in button, or click here

  • Step 1: Create a Patient Portal Account & Log in
    • 1. Go to www.smartnd.ca/login.php
    • 2. If you already have a Patient Portal account, log in, and go to Step 2.
    • 3. If you do not have a Patient Portal account yet, click on "Create a free account now".
    • 4. Select "I am a Patient" at the top of the registration form, and then complete the form. Make sure to take note of the password you select.
    • 5. When you have completed the form, click on the blue Submit button, and then proceed to log into your new Patient Portal account.
  • Step 2: Enter the provided Access Code
    • 1. Once you are logged into your Patient Portal account, find the blue box at the top left of the interface.
    • 2. Enter the code provided by your practitioner in person or by email into the code fields, then click on "Submit".
    • 3. That's it! You're now connected to your medical data.
  • Notify your practitioner immediately if you lose your code before using it. Your code can only be used once
  • Your code expires after 5 days, contact your practitioner if you require a new code.
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • • Laptop or Desktop computer, or large tablet. (Mobile phones will have limited capabilities in the portal at this time.)
    • • Reliable internet access.
    • • Up-to-date web browser. (Google Chrome is recommended)
    • • Your Access Code