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We know our world is full of toxins and chemicals. From our chemically laden foods to our indoor/outdoor environmental pollutants, it has been reported that every living person, no matter where they live, store a minimum of 250 different chemicals in their tissues. Knowing this, it is no surprise that we are seeing rates of digestive challenges, immune and inflammatory problems, cardiovascular disease, obesity, birth defects, developmental disorders and even cancer increasing (exponentially) in the recent decades.

Diet is not enough! Now, more than ever before, we are realizing that in order to return the body to a state of health, eating an organic, well-balanced diet is not enough! We need to remove the accumulation of toxins to allow the body to function normally again.

The purpose of Biotherapeutic Drainage ™ is to help the bodies own physiology to eliminate these toxins, which we know, are interfering with our normal physiological functions. An important step (usually missed with the more common cleanses and detoxs) to accelerate healing and achieve long lasting health, must be to regulate the organs responsible for toxin removal (called emunctories) while safely removing blockages – toxic accumulations, mental or emotional blocks. Opening the emunctories help the body to more easily and safely discharge the toxins encouraging the body towards a state of dynamic equilibrium and self-regulation where true healing can begin.

These remedies are all safe to take and easy to do, they will not interfere with your medication and complement current treatments

Biotherapeutic Drainage ™ verses Detoxification and Cleansing

Elimination is a normal physiological function of the body. Detoxification forces elimination, which may lead to a physiological disequilibrium. Biotherapeutic Drainage™, on the other hand, first helps to open up the organs responsible for elimination, drains the excess stored toxins, then re-establishes enzymatic function to remind the body what it is suppose to do in the first place. This is all done, usually, without the reported ‘detox reactions’ other program may create (all because the organs are supported in the process).

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