Homeopathic practitioners do not consider each symptom separately, but rather treat the patient as a whole and each person as a unique individual.  A homeopath will inquire about all of her patient’s health issues, not just the main complaint, in order to be able to identify the one remedy that best matches all of a person’s symptoms.  In this way, homeopathy re-orients the body and mind as a smoothly functioning system, one part not separate from the other. Your homeopath can then also guide you with nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you maintain your health and achieve your life goals.

In non-acute cases, the first visit to a homeopath involves a detailed interview of your specific case, and can take several hours.  Your homeopath will listen carefully to each of your symptoms, ask many questions about your lifestyle and history, and then take more time to research your case before prescribing your remedy.  The medicine aims to address your chief complaint along with other symptoms you may have so that a gentle and lasting cure can be achieved.


Your homeopath can also treat acute injuries and illnesses quickly according to the condition, and provide appropriate follow-up care.    Whether you are managing a long-time chronic illness, or just want to do all you can to keep your family well, we are ready and willing to be a part of your health care support network.


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