Exam Anxiety Tips For Students


With the school year drawing to a close, it can only mean one thing – the exam season is just around the corner! And with the dreaded assessments looming, many students will be pre-occupied over the coming weeks with revision and practicing old past papers. As a result, stress and anxiety levels are bound to be on a high and so while you or your loved ones are getting ready to hit the books, here are some common homeopathic remedies to calm the nerves and make sure the exam season goes as smoothly as possible.

Please note the following homeopathic remedies are only a guideline that you may find helpful. As you will see, each remedy is known by their Latin name and for ease, I have detailed key symptoms that you may be experiencing and for which the remedy may help to alleviate.

  • Aconite – fear (rabbit in headlights!), panic, restlessness, very thirsty
  • Anacardium Orientale – brain fag and exhaustion from studying
  • Arg Nit – craves sweets, diarrhea, thinks he/she will fail
  • Cocculus Indicus – dizzy from too much studying in to the small hours, nausea
  • Gelsemium – shakes like a jelly, butterflies in the stomach, feeling of a band around the head, feels better for urinating
  • Kali Phos – worn out from too much studying, nervous, feels better having eaten
  • Lycopodium – lacking in self-esteem, feels dyslexic, irritable, domineering, indecisive
  • Phos Ac – mental exhaustion through studying, homesick, indifferent

Other helpful tips to combat exam anxiety include:

  • Staying focused on the task in-hand; prepare clear revision plans and stick to them
  • Remain positive throughout the exam season; an optimistic attitude will go a long way
  • Keep things in perspective and don’t bottle your feelings up
  • Refrain from drinking too much caffeine, carbonated soft drinks, or processed food with high sugar content or preservatives. Instead, indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables that are said to help reduce stress
  • Continue to exercise during the revision period, preferably in the fresh air.
  • Also, make sure you maintain a regular and suitable sleeping pattern

In addition, you may also find Rescue Remedy to be a useful source when trying to achieve a sense of calm and focus in any stressful situations from exams to interview nerves. Rescue Remedy is available in most health stores.

Anxiety can deeply affect our lives, but it does not have to. If you suffer from frequent anxiety, a more personalized remedy prescribed by your homeopathic practitioner is recommended.

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